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men's spiritual t-shirt with Hindu God Brahman by Sushila Oliphant



Brahman giving spiritual teachings to the three states of mind (gunas): 1) dark or lazy, 2) very active - full of ego, and 3) spiritual. Tamas, Rajas and Sattwa. Brahman teaches them to Pray, Reflect and Meditate to achieve integration, one-mindedness and ultimately enlightenment. Great to wear to all your yoga and spiritual events.

On the back, Namaste. Illustration is based on a story from Yoga Vasistha.

This is a comfortable and lightweight 100% polyester crew neck t-shirt, made of a fine count yarn. It's made and printed in the USA.

These shirts are processed by hand - so in some cases, minimal creasing will occur, particularly under the arm. They are not imperfections.

• Available in sizes XS-2XL
• 100% polyester construction
• Made in the USA
• Unisex fit
• Light, soft material

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