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The Artist

Sushila Oliphant is a passionate artist with a mission which is to promote peace, joy and more positive ways of thinking and being in this chaotic world of ours with simple, yet profound, messages combined with her spiritual artwork. Sushila Oliphant draws her inspiration from inner traditions from her spiritual teachers. Her love of all things Eastern, Yoga and Native American inspired her to put her creative ideas on apparel, mainly because they will reach more people and they are truly vibrant and gorgeous. There is a message on the back of most every shirt, so no matter where you may be, the person behind or next to you, will have something to think about which may be a completely new idea and uplift them somehow. One never knows...

Sushila Oliphant

Sushila spent several years in an ashram studying Vedantic Yoga philosophy under Swami Jyotirmayananda whose teachings changed her life and will be ever grateful to him for the experience. She helped illustrate his books, monthly magazine "The Yoga Guide" and designed the first website from 1996 - 2010. She learned the art of graphic design while working on his publications which became the foundation of her future work out in the world. Her artwork deepened and became meditative, a tool for higher consciousness - the painter and the painting merge. Each piece of art that she creates leaves its mark on the viewer of serenity and spiritual sensitivity.

Sushila was further inspired by her travels to California, Canada, Arizona, Colorado, Florida as well as throughout the Yucatan and Chiapas in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

Ms. Oliphant has won several awards for her work in various art shows throughout Maine, California, Colorado, Merida, Mexico and Florida. Her interest in indigenous cultures led her to the Institute of Maya Studies at the Museum of Science in Miami, where she served on the board for over six years, designed the monthly newsletter, event posters and other marketing materials.