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I remember an experience I had when I was five that profoundly changed the course of my life. I was in first grade and I had a hard time adapting to school, mainly because I was picked on and tormented by the other children. I became very withdrawn, moody and I felt very alone and unloved. When I came home after school, the atmosphere was also cold and uncaring as well, so, I had absolutely no tools to work with and no one to communicate about what I was experiencing at school. I was literally walking around in shock.

One crisp autumn day, as I was walking home from school, a breeze filled with leaves swirled around me, and a thought (not my own) entered my head: “You can make all your enemies your best friends. When they start laughing at you, instead of running away, stand there and laugh right along with them and they will become your friends.” I was so inspired by this profundity, that I just stood there in the sunlight for 30 minutes! I could hardly wait to try it out. And I got my opportunity right away. Three girls who were always harassing me, spotted me and came right for me with their name-calling and they started laughing and pointing their fingers, etc. Well, that was my cue and I started laughing, too, so much so, that they became infected with laughter and we were all rolling on the ground having the best time of our lives!! Yes, they became my friends. After that I no longer had “enemies.” Not everyone I experimented with became my friend, obviously, but it didn't matter. I had a great tool which gave me the strength to confront and change uncomfortable situations instead of hiding and feeling miserable. This was my first act of real creativity. It truly was a Divine Blessing. As a matter of fact, I formulated my life around this experience.

This was one of the best gifts I gave my son, when he entered school.

  • Controlling the outgoing mind is essential for spiritual growth as well as in matters of everyday life
  • Adapt and adjust; quit complaining.
  • Take care of yourself, don't talk about it. If you have a headache, fix it. Nobody is interested.
  • Speak less, listen more; all questions will be answered.
  • Quiet the jumping mind. Go out less. Talk less. Stay away from crowds.

  • Tina Simmons on

    Congrats Sushi Everything looks great..

    Love you!

  • Daya on

    I love your website! Love your spiritual comments, your photos and the whole integrated idea. Yahoo!

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